Past students

Amy Corman (PhD) Secure network protocols for Peer-to-peer applications

Kim Ramchen (PhD) Privacy preserving computations on genomic data

Kim Ramchen (Masters) Parallel Shuffling and its Application to Prêt à Voter

Thomas Haines (PhD)

Tom Coleman (Honours)

Vishal Mohanty (Summer) - Auditing Indian Elections

Leyla Roohi (PhD) - Secure storage and private querying of telecommunications metadata

Miguel Wood - Do personality traits drive online commitment to vote in social networks?

These were supervised while at the University of Melbourne

I am on the board of advisors of Verified Voting, a non-partisan organization working for accuracy, integrity, and verifiability of elections.

In 2016 I was awarded the Election Verification Network's election integrity research excellence award.

For publications, see my Google Scholar page